The Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Part 47

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I woke up the next morning to an obnoxious siren like noise coming from beside me. I groaned as I sat up and looked up before searching around for where the noise was coming from. I looked over to see Courtney giving me a guilty expression as she pressed the snooze button of her alarm.¬†"I’m so sorry"¬†She said wincing in guilt.¬†”It’s a Saturday..”¬†I whined lying back down in the bed.¬†"Yeah but I go on really early runs in the morning"¬†She said and I rolled my eyes. Great, I had an over achieving room mate. This was going to be a long two months.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I just decided to get up anyways. I groaned again as I realized it was only 8am. I picked up my phone, hoping to see a text or cal from Jack but nothing. I blamed his lack of communication on the fact that is was still early. It said on my schedule that I had to meet my dean and the principal so I got up to get prepared for that.

I figured since I was going to be staying here for a few months it was probably be best to make a good impression. I dressed in the one nice outfit I had brought with me. A white shirt and suit pants. “Courtney?”¬†I called from outside our bathroom.¬†”Yeah?”¬†She called back to me.¬†"Em, where do we get food?"¬†I asked her.¬†”1st floor, 3rd door on the left”¬†She yelled back out at me.

¬†I was so preoccupied with my existential crisis that I had forgotten that I hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours. I made my way down to where Courtney had directed me. I walked in to dozens of girls staring at me. I smiled awkwardly at the ones I made eye contact with before going up to where the food was being served. If anything in this school was going to be a saving grace, it would be this food because it looked perfect.

I just grabbed a blueberry muffin and some tea. I was worried that if I ate to much I might accidentally throw up on the principal and that wouldn’t exactly go along with my plan of making a good impression. It seemed best not to sit down because it would involve me sitting alone and being glared at so I decided to just eat in my room.

It was now 10am and my meeting was at 10:30. I checked my phone one more time before leaving for the meeting. Nothing, not even a text. I sighed in disappointment before leaving the room once again to go to the meeting.

I could feel my stomach churning as I got closer to the principals office. I always get nervous around figures of authority. I knocked meekly on the door, waiting to be allowed entrance. "Come in" The voice called out. "Hi" I said shyly as I walked through the door with an innocent smile. "Kendall come in" The woman who I assumed was the principal said, gesturing for me to come in.

"Sit down"¬†She said pointing to the chair and I took a seat.¬†"Now how have you settled in?"¬†She asked grinning widely at me.¬†”Eh, okay”¬†I said shrugging at her. “Have you had a chance to have a look at your classes?”¬†She asked me leaning on the desk.¬†”Yeah, I like all the classes I’ve been given”¬†I said half smiling at her.

" your mother tells me you had would you put it..troublesome past back home"¬†She said¬†”Troublesome? I wouldn’t exactly put it that way”¬†I said giggling anxiously.¬†”Well it says here, in your Mom’s letter that you had issues with drunk driving and violence”¬†She said scanning the letter.¬†”What? Can I see that for a second?" I asked a she handed it for me.

I scanned the letter with a frown on my face. I sighed deeply.¬†”Lexi”¬†I said under my breath.¬†”I’m sorry what?”¬†She asked me in confusion.¬†"Nothing, so is there anything else we need to discuss?"¬†I asked rudely but I didn’t care because I just wanted to leave I was so angry.¬†"Yes, that is all, I hope you enjoy your time in this institution"¬†She said with another smile.¬†"Thanks"¬†I said on an exhale breath before getting up to leave.

I dragged myself back to my dorm and flopped on my bed. It was barely even 11am and I was already drained. I wasn’t even here a day and I already wanted to go home. I checked my phone for the third time, still nothing. I decided to take matters into my own hands and call him. No answer, this was getting ridiculous. Jack knew what I was going through and how hard this was for me and still wasn’t answering.

I decided to text him to make sure he knew I needed him right now.¬†"Jack, please I need to hear your voice right now, call me back when you see this…Love you x"¬†Was all I wrote.¬†

I had endless hours of time to kill this weekend so I decided to give Sam a call. Surprisingly he answered almost straight away. “Hey there stranger, how’s your new school?”¬†He asked. I could hear the smile in his voice.¬†”It could be worse, but it could be a lot better. I miss home”¬†I said pouting.¬†"I miss you too"¬†Sam told me.¬†"What’s your room mate like?"¬†He asked me as I laid down on the bed.¬†”She seems nice enough, I don’t think she’s would kill me in my sleep. That’s always a good start”¬†I joked and he chuckled on the other end.¬†"Oh God, how am I going to get through the rest of the year without you?"¬†He asked me.¬†"You have Jack, I’m sure you’ll be fine"¬†I told him.

"Have you talked to Jack yet?"¬†Sam asked and I shook my head.¬†"No, he’s not picking up his phone"¬†I told him and he was silent for a moment.¬†"That’s strange, because I was with him earlier?"¬†Sam said sounding confused.¬†”Oh okay, well next time you see him tell me to call me okay?" I asked him and he agreed.¬†

"Kendall!"¬†Courtney called from the threshold of the door.¬†"Sorry Sam one sec"¬†I said putting down the phone.¬†”Yeah?”¬†I responded to her.¬†"We’re all going to the cafeteria, come with us. I want to introduce you to everyone"¬†She said gesturing for me to come with her.¬†"Okay be there in a minute"¬†I said putting the phone back to my ear.

"Hey Sam I have to go make some friends, I’ll call you soon okay?"¬†I said. “Okay, Kendall talk to you soon”¬†He said before hanging up.

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Are you addicted to mc donald's lol

hahaha i know i use it in everything but it’s just the most universal thing to use because if i talk about nandos or something americans would be like what and if i talk about chipotle or taco bell europeans and stuff wouldn’t know what im talking about so its just easier.

Queen Of Disaster - Luke Hemmings Chapter 17

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I didn’t really understand why they wanted the boys to be in the studio at 2pm since they didn’t really do anything. All they did was sit around and complain about how long they had to wait. For some reason, they weren’t allowed to leave the studio which meant we were all going a little stir crazy being confined in a tight space until 11pm. Thankfully I was able to distract Luke but not in the way Daddy wanted.¬†

"Kate, stop making out with Luke, he has a career changing interview ahead of him tonight" He called from the other end of the studio. I leaned out of the kiss chuckling and so was Luke.¬†”Sorry Daddy”¬†I called back mid laugh. I went to go stand up from Luke’s lap but he pulled me back down.¬†”Don’t go.." He groaned kissing my neck.¬†"Okay, how about I go and get us some food, and when we come back we can do more of this.."¬†I said leaning down to kiss him again.¬†

"God, could you be anymore perfect?" Luke said smiling at me. I paused for a second. "Mmm..probably not" I said giving him a smug smile. "Be back in a few" I said getting up from his arms.

I quickly hurried off to the nearest McDonald’s and got everyone food before coming back to the studio.¬†”Here you go boys”¬†I said holding up the handful of bags I had on my arms.¬†”Kate, you beautiful person”¬†Calum said practically drooling over the food.¬†”Hey, don’t hit on my girl”¬†Luke said shoving him playfully. “Hey, I’m not some object”¬†I said teasing him.¬†”Yeah Luke don’t be so clingy" Ashton teased him but he just chuckled.

"So where’s my other part of the deal?" Luke said wrapping his arms around my waist and kiss my neck. “Oh and what would that be?”¬†I asked, playing ignorant.¬†”You know…me..and you..”¬†He said between kisses. “I wouldn’t want to distract you from you’re very serious interview later”¬†I said in a mocking tone.

"Stop you’re not funny.."¬†Luke mumbled into my skin which made me giggle.¬†¬†”Fine, only for a few minutes.." I whispered into his ear as I stood up and took his hand. We were both giggling like little kids as we walked towards the corridor.¬†”Oh Kate, could you do me a favour?”¬†Daddy called from the studio door. Luke groaned in my ear in annoyance.¬†"I’ll be back in a second"¬†I laughed at his pain as I walked over to Daddy.

I strolled over to Daddy who was just finishing a phone call.¬†"Hey what’s up?"¬†I asked him.¬†”Would you mind, running back to the office? I forgot my work phone and I’m expecting a call from the organizers of the VMA’s”¬†He said looking at me with a guilty expression.¬†"No it’s fine, I need to get out of here for a while anyways" I said smiling at him.¬†"You’re a light saver"¬†He said kissing the top of my head.

I walked back over to Luke and wrapped my arms around his neck, jumping into his arms.¬†”I’m really sorry but I have to run an errand”¬†I said as he wrapped his arm around me. He groaned leaning his head back.¬†”I guess the universe just doesn’t want us to be together today”¬†He said placing me back down on the ground.¬†"I’ll make it up to you, how about you me and the boys go out to this new club that just opened up downtown. It could be fun"¬†I suggested.¬†"Okay sounds good, hurry back though. I don’t want you to miss us going on"¬†He said.¬†"I won’t"¬†I said pecking his lips before heading for the door.

I wanted to be back in time so I took the car instead of the subway. There were thousands of fans standing outside the studio. Now I know why they boys weren’t allowed leave the studio. It just hit me then when I saw all the fans that this could potentially be my life. If and when Luke ends up telling the fans, I am going to be surrounded by rumours and paparazzi. Sure I have had my fair share of paparazzi from going to club openings and galas, but nothing like this.

I got Daddy’s phone and put it in my handbag before getting back out into the car. Surprisingly his phone was ringing off the hook with the same number but it wasn’t the VMA organizer. I made my way into the studio, just about in time. It was already 10:45.¬†”Here you go Daddy, some number kept calling but I didn’t recognize it”¬†I said handing it to him.

"Oh..Eh.yeah that’s..em..that’s no one" He said taking the phone from me.¬†"Thanks sweetie" He said before walking off to call the number back. I thought he was acting a bit suspicious but decided to ignore it, thinking it was due to the boys’ interview tonight.

I made my way back over to the boys, sitting on Luke’s lap.¬†”You guys nervous yet?”¬†I asked them.¬†”Yeah a little bit..”¬†Ashton said fiddling with his drum sticks.¬†”Don’t be, just be yourself and you’ll be fine”¬†I said trying to reassure them.¬†"Boys, 5 minute!"¬†One of the crew members said after a few minutes.¬†"Okay this is it!"¬†I said standing up and clapping my hands in excitement.¬†"Let’s go boys"¬†Daddy said coming up to us all.¬†”Good luck guys”¬†I said hugging Ashton, Calum and Michael. “Good Luck Luke, you’re going to do great”¬†I said hugging him extra tightly and kissing his cheek.¬†"I’ll be watching"¬†I said waving them off before making my way to behind the camera.

"Now, my next guests are from Australia" Jimmy announced and the audience erupted into cheers. "Please welcome the new up and coming band 5 Seconds of Summer" He said standing up and clapping along with the crowd.

They all walked out but my eyes were only on Luke. I couldn’t help but smile at how happy he looked out there. I was so proud of him for everything they have achieved so far. I gave him a small wave and he smiled back in acknowledgement.¬†"Hey guys"¬†Jimmy said and they all said Hi back.¬†"So you guys are getting pretty big now, that must be pretty crazy with all the fans and everything?"¬†He asked and they all nodded.¬†"Yeah it get’s a little crazy but we really appreciate the support, we have the best fans in the world"¬†Luke said shyly, biting his lip ring.

The interview went on for a few more minutes, asking the usual questions about their music and touring with One Direction.¬†”Now, before you guys go off and perform for us, I have one more question that all the fans have been dying to know”¬†Jimmy said with a smile on his face.

"Luke.."¬†He said smirking at him.¬†”Yeah?" Luke said biting his lip.¬†"I heard, that you may have a little girlfriend?"¬†He said grinning widely at him.¬†”Emm”¬†Luke said and my smile grew. He was so cute, getting embarrassed about us.¬†"So is it true?"¬†Jimmy asked.¬†"Eh no, I don’t. It’s nothing serious, I’m just having fun"¬†Luke said shrugging and my mouth completely dropped. Just having fun? What was that suppose to mean?